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PLEASE NOTE: Last-minute activity or location changes without prior notice sometimes happens because of low or no registrations. Those who are registered will be notified directly.

Families and groups are always welcome to join our group activities! Parents and/or caregivers are asked to stay and participate!
This option is also great for individuals wishing to sample our services – bring a friend or two!
**HST is included in the Visitor Rates**
Visitor rate: $25 – up to 2 people, any extra $5 each
Visitor family/group rate: $35 – up to 6 people (plus parents and/or caregivers)
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Family Harmonies Familiales is an Ottawa-based organization of Developmental Service Professionals.

We offer a variety of flexible supports for families and individuals with and without special needs.

We believe that families ultimately know what is best for them, and that given the right tools they can bring harmony to their own situations.

With this premise in mind we offer effective and innovative supports to families and individuals, in both English and French.

Our team of experienced Developmental Services Workers and Apprentices provide Respite and Special Services in your home and out in the community. We also offer Harmonization, our approach to problem-solving and improving interactions, which was developed as an alternative to continual intervention. We provide families with a customized and functional plan that can be adapted over time. We include visual and/or tactile aids and provide implementation support to teach them the skills to apply any changes.